From working as a roadie at sixteen, to raising over £240,000 for charity as the legendary Joe Cocker tribute act ‘Joe Cockup’, Dave has more experience than you can shake a stick at.  He's fronted four excellent touring bands, Rio5, Bronzefoot, Bethesda and Justpals; and has performed in pubs, nightclubs, and the very best working men's clubs in the country.  A self confessed live music addict, when he’s not doing a gig, he’ll be at one, as long as it's '...live, real, and the tickets aren't a rip off...'

Symon on percussion, drums, keyboards, furniture, in fact anything that makes a LOUD noise. He  has played together with Dave in previous bands over many years. 

Symon’s  musical CV. It’s too long to list however his commitment, musical ear and professionalism are unquestionable, he has in the past travelled all over the UK with several bands, including a Pink Floyd tribute. 

His guilty pleasure is electronic gadgets , different musical instruments and building PAs bigger than the big PA at a big festival on a very big day.

Andy is a self confessed ‘petrol head’, and has been playing in bands with Dave for over six years. He says “It is a real privilege to be in a band with talented and experienced musicians, however its much more fun to be in a band with a bunch of lunatics like these guys”.  Andy was nine when he got his first guitar, which like most back then, was pretty awful, with horribly thick steel strings.  Although his playing and his gear have moved on since then, he still finds thick strings, strangely reassuring...
Lead Guitar
Dan has been playing guitar for longer than he cares to mention, and has played in bands the length of the country.  Originally from London, he has worked as a session musician in London recording studios, which on one occasion found him playing the same chord all day long..... 
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